Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Dark Shores: The Lady - by J.A. Clement

Ahh, where to begin? Let me start by saying that this book is of a genre that wouldn’t usually be my first choice. Or second. Probably not even third. Then let me carry on to say that I am SO happy to have been offered the chance to read it. On Dark Shores: The Lady is some of the best writing I have come across in a long time. It’s one of those books that has me enviously thinking “why can’t I write like that? It’s not fair!” every other sentence.

Author J.A. Clement has the knack of pulling the reader right along with the flow of the story. She takes the approach of frequent cuts between scenes, shifting the reader’s attention between characters, without ever losing focus on the central plot. I read this book with a constant nagging feeling of “just a couple more pages then I SWEAR I’ll put it down for the night” that somehow had me awake and still reading ’til dawn because I couldn’t quite bear to stop yet. There might be something wrong with me, though. It sounds like the inhabitants of the town of Scarlock aren’t exactly living overly happy or fulfilling lives under the thumb of the unpleasant Copeland, but the author’s vivid description of the place made me want to go there, rent myself a little stone hovel, wander the cobbled alleys and generally assimilate!

…. All of which leads me to the only minor thing this book gives me to whine about, and that is the fact that the author cruelly and heartlessly left me hanging. Not even a tiny scrap of closure to be had. I got to the end of The Lady and felt a bit like I’d just finished an early chapter of some utterly amazing doorstop-sized novel only to have a mugger run up and snatch the thing from my unsuspecting hands. Now I’m left feeling all bereft and longing for my next fix of the little world that Clement has dreamed up and so eloquently put down in words. There’s a difference, though - a BIG one! - between being left feeling dissatisfied and being left hungry for more. On Dark Shores: The Lady definitely has the latter effect, and in closing I’d just like to say one thing:

J.A. Clement, I firmly believe you have this story all mapped out in your head, and I get the feeling it might be a long one. I do hope so. So, if you’d just be so kind as to give up all unnecessary extraneous distractions such as eating, sleeping, bathing and suchlike, and get down to the important business of writing and editing the rest of the On Dark Shores series, I would be pathetically grateful. At this point I’m quite desperate to find out what happens next, and I’m not ashamed to beg! Thanks much.

In short? Yes, you should read this. Definitely.

On Dark Shores: The Lady is available in Kindle edition from Amazon.com and right now it is priced at $0.99, which I'd recommend as 99 cents well spent! $0.99 will also get you a copy in whichever electronic format you like best at Smashwords. Do it, and join me in pacing the floor in anticipation of the next installment.

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  1. Hey - thanks so much for the review - really glad you liked it!

    Back to my editing, as requested...Book 2 comes on apace!